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New Product Introduction

Whether received as a new build to print enquiry or designed in-house, every new product to be manufactured by nht will be reviewed by a cross-functional, product delivery, team, as part of the New Product Introduction (NPI) process within the organisation.

The nht product delivery team will comprise representatives from all major departments, including Design / Engineering, Production (SMT & Manual assembly), Quality, Production management who will meet to review a new product and assign responsibilities for product implementation

The product delivery team will review and process the Bills of Material, Gerbers, drawings, software etc and create a standard manufacturing build pack and enter product data onto the business management IT systems.

The product delivery team will action their assigned responsibilities to provide a comprehensive manufacture process pack from material kitting through SMT placement programming & reflow profiling to finished product testing and packing requirements. nht will use this documented process to highlight any quality improvements to the material specifications, assembly and test process for the product

nht schedule a First Article Inspection (FAI) stage for all new product ensuring that any identified issues are reported, via a feedback loop, to the customer and NPI team.  Thus, any issues with the supplied data and/or the manufacturability of the product are fed back to the customer to ensure that volume manufacturing will only commence once a clean data pack has been determined, and there is 100% guarantee of successful production of the PCB assembly

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