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Design Solutions

At nht we offer everything, from basic design and feasibility studies for start-ups, through to complete product design, systems engineering and integration for large organisations and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

We can design and develop your product either from a concept design on a consultancy basis via our team of skilled  electronic design  engineers, or we can support your existing design team with key elements of both the hardware and software design as you require.

Our electronics design and manufacture teams work together seamlessly to provide a total solution to your exacting requirements.

We have a detailed understanding of cost-effective product design for manufacture and, unlike other companies, can transfer your product between the design and manufacturing stages via a single point of contact.

Our electronics design engineers have a broad set of skills and knowledge covering many types of technologies including analogue, digital, RF, opto-electronics and embedded computing, and can provide ongoing consultancy as well as both hardware and software development services – please view detailed list below

For more information on our design capabilities and to discuss your project, please call nht on 0152467833 today.

nht – the total electronics solutions partner

Hardware Services

  • Wired Communication, including:-
    • Serial Protocols, e.g. I2C, SPI, RS232
    • Ethernet
    • USB
    • CAN-bus
  • Wireless Communication, including:-
    • RF
    • GSM
    • GPRS
    • GPS
    • Bluetooth
    • Free Space Optical (Laser)
  • Microprocessor Implementation, on cores including:-
    • ARM7 & ARM9
    • M68K (Coldfire)
    • XScale
  • Microcontroller Implementation, with devices including:-
    • Atmel AVR
    • Microchip PIC/dsPIC
    • Hitachi H8
    • 8051 & derivatives
  • Programmable Logic, including:-
    • FPGA
    • CPLD
  • Power Supplies, including:-
    • Linear Supplies
    • Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS)
    • Battery Powered Supplies (including Li-Ion and Li-Polymer management)
  • Component Integration, such as:-
    • Memory, e.g. Flash, SDRAM
    • LCD / TFT Displays with Touch-Screens
    • Sensors
  • LED Lighting
  • Automated Test Equipment Design

Software Services

  • OS Kernel Development and Custom Embedded Application Development in:-
    • Linux / µCLinux
    • Windows CE
  • High-Level Language Programming
    • ANSI C
    • GNU C / C++ Toolchains
    • Micosoft Visual C++
    • Visual & BASCOM Basic
    • Java
    • Delphi
  • High-Level Descriptive Languages
    • VHDL / Verilog
    • HTML / XHTML & PHP
    • XML
    • SQL
  • Assembler Language

Consultancy Services

  • Regulatory Type Approvals, e.g.:-
    • CE including LVD & EMC
    • ATEX including Zone 0
    • R&TTE
  • Design Feasibility Study
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Hardware & Software Review
  • Prototype Build & Verification
  • Software Lifecycle Test, Verification & Validation
  • Transfer to Product Manufacture / Manufacturing Packs
  • Due Diligence on Legacy Designs for Obsolescence

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