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Conformal Coating, Potting & Encapsulation

Conformal coating can protect the operational integrity of the printed circuit board assembly, especially where high reliability or exposure to harsh operating environments typical of aerospace, defence, medical, industrial and automotive applications are to be experienced.
nht is able to offer three methods of applying conformal coating providing a solution that is right for your product.
  • Dip coating which provides a fully encapsulated waterproof finish
  • Manual brush coating,
  • Selective, automatic  machine coating,  where high throughput, accuracy and process repeatability are required. Our investment in the latest PVA delta 6 conformal coating dispense machine provides the latest application technology for this process.  The following video shows this equipment in action:
In all three cases inspection is carried out under ultra violet light to ensure adequate coverage.
In addition to conformal coating solutions we also can provide potting and encapsulation dispense services and XYZ robotic  UV & cyanoacrylate glue dispense  and curing equipment

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